3 Ways To Make Your Baby Feel Comfortable in The Water

Swimming is a wonderful activity that parents and even young babies can do together.  Getting comfortable in the water is great to start at any age.  

Have a look at these 3 tips to get your baby used to the water:

1. Time It Right

Your baby can start playing around in the water as early as you feel comfortable. Just make sure his belly button or circumcision has healed. Always check with your pedriatics for exact timing but generally, the younger a baby is when being introduced to swimming, the more comfortable and confident she/he will be later on.

2. Make It Fun

In order to overcome possible little fear, make sure to make swimming and being in the water a fun activity by singing songs and playing games. Make sure to smile and convey happiness as babies will associate that with safety.

3. Follow Your Baby's Lead

Some babies might be obsessed with the water immediately, and some might take a little longer to feel comfortable. That's totally normal and you should trust your baby to know best when he/she is ready for the next step. If your baby starts to cry or gets fussy, take a break, offer a snack and make sure not to push until he/she feels ready to give it another try.

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