Our 3 Absolute Favorite Lunch Boxes!

Your little ones are back in school and that means a lot of supply shopping for you as a parent. One essential item is definitely the lunch box and it can make your children way more excited about school, if their lunch box is a star.

We did some research and put together our top choices:


1. Planet Box

Planet Box is a non toxic, eco friendly and super well designed option. The Rover Box is our favorite as it comes with a lot of different compartments (so you can pack ALL the snacks) and we love that you can customize them with different and personal magnet designs. 





2. Solvetta Flatbox

If you are looking for a rounder design and a non metal lunch box, our pick is the Solvetta Flatbox. It's light, soft and easy to cary around. And the best of all: it's fully washable so no need to worry about food stains ;)



Photo: @onnami

Photo: @onnami



3. Bentgo

These lunch boxes are inspired by the traditional Japanese bento box - the all in one meal solution. The boxes come in different colors and the you can pick between the classic square shape or the bowl bento box.