6 Great Halloween Costumes for Siblings

Trick or treating! Pumpkin carving! Costumes! Chocolate! Is it any surprise that Halloween is most kids’ favorite day of the year?

Halloween is fast approaching! There’s something special and fun about costumes that everybody loves especially really adorable costumes for siblings. If your children are looking for a Halloween costume that's a bit more unique than characters from Frozen, we have some great ideas for the perfect siblings costumes...

Twins? What’s cuter than a pair of shakers - salt and pepper! Shake up the neighborhood with this fun costume!

Serve up your babies as adorable nigiri sushi this Halloween... 

Love Dr.Suess? Jazz up the original Thing 1/ Thing 2 costume! 

Relive your childhood by dressing up the siblings in this fun Mario Bros costume!

I’m sure Grandma will be surprised to see your kids when they show up in this adorable Red Riding Hood Costume

This costume is ready for your little hero's action-packed adventures! Your kids will be dressed for amazing feats and brave rescues in this supercool costume. 

Photo Credit: http://www.thewishingelephant.com/