5 Art Supplies You Need to Survive the Winter with your Kids

Getting through the cold, boring winter days can be tough, especially when your toddler has cabin fever. This year, celebrate the season by getting your toddler involved in some fun art projects - we’ve got the art essentials that will keep you, and your toddler, busy and help you create some masterpieces.

Play Doh - They can spend hours with this and you can add seeds, rice, sand to it to make it even more fun all while developing fine motor skills and fostering imagination and creativity.

Washable Paint - The less cleaning you have to do, the more free time you have. Let the kids go wild with the paint!

Markers - Color Wonder is a great option because these markers only react when used on the paper.  So if your child colors on the table, themselves, your couch, etc, nothing happens, how awesome is that!

Construction Paper - This is great for adding colors to crafts and teaching colors and is perfect for all kinds of crafts big and small.

A bottle of squeeze glue -  Yes, they will squeeze and squeeze until there is a puddle of glue on their paper, but they will have so much fun doing it, and you ought to let them. Besides, it’s a good hand-strengthening exercise and helps with motor control. And you can bring out the collage materials to stick in the glue. If the normal size squeeze bottle is too hard for them to squeeze, try a mini bottle.

Or if you'd rather just go to art classes, check out the great options we have on Sawyer