Gonna Make You Sweat - 3 Workouts you can bring your baby to!

After Stephanie, our co-founder gave birth to her second baby she was faced with the dreaded task of getting her body back into shape.  She tried out three different types of classes, all of which are awesome and unique in their own way.  For any mom, there is definitely a workout out there for you!!  All were nursing and crying baby friendly :-)

Xtend Barre Babies On Board: (Heavy Sweat!)

This class is a more cardio version of a typical barre class (ie, you sweat!) and you ‘wear’ the baby in your carrier for the majority of the class. Think toning on all of those problem areas, light props are used to deepen the exercise. Babies love to pass out from all of the motion, and you get some face to face time during the dreaded ab workout! Moms are able to come once cleared for workout from their doctor and babies up to 18 pounds are welcome.

Stroller Strides: (Outdoor Tour)

I’ll admit when I signed up for this class it sounded like a nice stroll in the park, boy was I wrong. Think circuit training style exercise: short runs to stations where all parts of the body are worked: arms, butt, legs, abs. Resistance bands and mat work round out the work out. My class took place on the picturesque Brooklyn Heights Promenade, so we got a view with our workout. I was also surprised to know you can do this with kids even as old as 3 (as long as they’ll stay in a stroller)!

Mommy and Baby Yoga: (Stretch, Lengthen, Repeat)

You can find a version of this class in almost any city. A great way to gently ease back into strengthening your body. The intimate settings are a nice way to meet new moms and for babies to interact with each other. These classes tend to be great for babies up until they’re crawling so they stay close to you!  

Photo Credit: Xtend Barre

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