Traveling with Children

Upcoming Travel got you tossing and turning at night? Hopefully with a few key tricks traveling with little ones will be a breeze!

Packing for the little ones:  Craving your sleek look even if it means doubling, (tripling) up on bags and toes…

State Bags makes it easy and cool to watch your toddlers tote their luggage to and from the car.

Storksak makes it easy to stack bags but keeps the look minimal with lots of pockets.

MZ Wallace, baby bag? gym bag? Office bag? Nobody knows… And maybe that’s a good thing.

Long flights, Good distractions: Don’t forget how games can make the time pass quickly, and can be educational :)

Design your own Headphones

Reusable Food Stickers

Touch Think Learn ABC book

Imagination games: Don’t forget the power of interactive play where you can use your imagination: Here are some ideas from our friends at Child’s Play Theater

Kid Friendly destinations: No need to give up an elegant and beautiful vacation even when you are bringing along Sofie.

Some favorites at Kid &Coe:

Paris, France 

Athens, Greece

Sayulita, Mexico


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