Should you be doing yoga with your child?

Yoga has become omnipresent for adults and is now taking over the children's space as well. While it's a no brainer why it can be useful for grown ups, a lot of parents wonder if yoga can also benefit their little ones. Is kids yoga just a trend, that justifies expensive children's classer or is it truly useful and can have a long lasting positive impact? We believe in the latter and so we went ahead and put together 3 reasons why you should definitely consider getting your kids on the mat:

1. Yoga reduces stress 

If you are a parent, you know too well that stress is not just an adult issue. With increasing pressure on homework and school success, extensive standardized testing, as well as the overall competitive mindset of western societies, children can easily become a victim of this high pressure environment. Stress can have emotional consequences on kids but also manifest itself in physical symptoms such as stomach and head aches. Yoga is the perfect remedy and studies have proven that learning how to deal with stress early on, can improve ones stress response later in life. And that definitely comes in handy.

2. Yoga teaches patience

While everyone has a different range of motions, almost nobody is born with a perfect yoga gene. That means that you have to practice, practice, practice. If children are exposed to a regular yoga practice, they will learn how to set goals and expectations and how to be patient, while observing their own progress and reaching milestones.

3. Yoga helps to regulate emotions

As yoga is very focused on breathing techniques, children will learn quickly how to apply these different techniques in order to regulate their feelings and emotions in high intensity situations. Knowing how to manage your own emotions, instead of being managed by them, can be tremendously helpful throughout life and it's essential to form these habits early on.

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