4 Safety Tips for your Children's Gymnastics Practice

Getting regular physical activity is essential to your child's development.  Gymnastics is a great way to get your kids moving in a really fun way!  In addition to the gross motor skills they gain, gymnastics also helps with developing a sense of endurance and discipline, while supporting muscle strength and flexibility as well. 

Gym classes can start at infant ages, but real gymnastics will start with toddlers as young as 3 years old. We put together a few tips as your child starts on their gymnastics journey, who knows, maybe they ate the next Simone Biles!  ;)

1. Start off with tumbling classes

Before attacking more advanced levels of gymnastics classes, start your toddler off with a basic intro class such as a tumbling class. These classes help young children to feel comfortable with running, climbing, jumping and simply rolling around which can be a great base for more advanced classes later on.

2. Make sure your children are well rested and energized

As it is the case with any sport, it's essential for your child to be well rested and not fatigued when practicing gymnastics. The need for increased focus requires energy from your little ones so make sure they get enough sleep the night before and pack an extra snack for energy if they get tired.

3. Invest into the right gear

Once your children become a little bit more serious about gymnastics, make sure to invest into the right gear as it increases comfort and safety. Tight fitting clothes that they can't snag or trip on are essential for safety!

4. Listen to your child

As always when it comes to physical activities, listen to your child and what they're comfortable with. Especially when it comes to gymnastics, levels can very much vary between children so let your little ones set their own goals.

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