Best Classes To Do With My Baby

Mommy and me classes are a wonderful way to spend time with your baby and to develop a strong relationship with your little ones. Taking such classes at an early age can increase babies' communication skills, increase their curiosity and boost their development by exposing them to different stimuli.

We put together some ideas for fun classes you can do with your baby at an early age:


Yoga definitely has benefits for all ages and it's a great way for you to relax and decompress with your baby. Try this:

Postnatal Yoga at Bend & Bloom


Research has shown that music classes specifically will improve children's communication skills form an early age on. Try this:

Lavender Blues Music

Open Play

Open play is a great way for you and your babies to get social and develop relationships with other babies (and mommies!). Try this:

Open Play at Romparoo 


Gym classes for babies can help to develop early body awareness and feel comfortable with crawling and starting to experiment with sitting and standing upright. Try this:

Mommy/Daddy & Me fitness at Bond FitNYC


Shows, such as puppet shows can be a fun and engaging activity for babies as it stimulates their attention and will hopefully make them smile. Try this:

Puppetsburg Show at Puppetsburg

Find more fun classes at the best baby class providers in NYC here!