Best Summer Activities with Children

Summer is almost here, with long days ahead there are countless ways to have fun and learn with your children all summer long!

Camp is always a wonderful option for your children to discover a new passion and meet new friends over the summer. With options across sports, language, arts and so many more, there is something for every child to love.  Check out last minute camp choices here.

If you are not going down the camp route for summer, then check out our favorite activities to do now:

Explore playgrounds around your city

Playgrounds are always a good idea if to let your child explore the outdoors, challenge their gross motor skills and meet new friends.   We currently love Imagination Playground near South Street Seaport, because of the sand and the fun giant foam blocks. 

Try out free (and almost free) classes in local parks

A lot of public parks, in pretty much all major cities, offer fun (and free) outdoor activities for children through out the summer. Check out Story Time on Tuesdays or Reading Room on Saturdays at Bryant Park. Or try the Marionette Theater in Central Park.

Go carousel hopping

Carousel rides just don't get old. Why not organize an afternoon of carousel hopping through your city with other mommies and their little ones? Our current favorite is the Seaglass Carousel in NYC.

Take a day trip to a local beach

NYC is a concrete jungle but beaches are close and typically just a subway ride away. On hot summer days, there is nothing better than a picnic and day trip to the water.  This summer, make it extra fun and take a ferry ride to the beach, it will be an adventure your kids won't soon forget!

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