Sawyer, August  2017

Over the past 2 years, we have been working to build out the vision for Sawyer. Today we are thrilled to announce our Series A financing round with Advance Venture Partners, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, 3311 Ventures as well as investments from Collaborative, Female Founders Fund, and others.

Sawyer’s mission is to ensure our children are prepared for the future. Now more than ever, we all must evaluate what is most important to us. We at Sawyer believe it's imperative to ensure our children have access to all kinds of educational opportunities. Not only does this mean creating beautiful technical products to share with our parents and provider partners, but also it means creating value across the spectrum of families who need it.

Sawyer seeks to transform the way parents access their child’s education. The world is increasing in complexity--much faster than our education system. Accordingly, we believe that over the coming years, we will witness the unbundling of education, just like television or music. Students will select from a robust set of amazing children’s classes, creating their own educational paths from an early age. Personalized learning will be the norm, and parents will expect tools that make this simple and delightful…. Technology is bringing us closer to this world today. Now more than ever, digital tools help students find the best classes and teachers can track performance and advancement in ways that help to inform and inspire the future.

Sawyer will be the connection across this advancement. As an organization, we help parents gather insights into what their children are learning. We can help providers better meet the needs of specific students as well as families in their communities.

We believe technology has the ability to change lives. A provider can better manage and run her business and ultimately grow her bottom line… A parent who didn’t know there was a class being offered around the corner for her son that sparked in him a lifelong passion for learning. The opportunities to help transform the way we educate our youth are in our hands (and on our phones and computers).

Brooklyn, which we are fortunate to call home, affords us a unique opportunity to be at the center of a diverse socio-economic community. Sawyer’s product needs to work in Brooklyn Heights and needs to work in Red Hook. Access to amazing educational classes--and technology--should not be limited based on where you live.

We at Sawyer are taking steps to ensure program providers across all communities can use our software and support parents and students no matter their financial situation.

Overall this is an exciting day for us as we set out to ensure our children are prepared for the future. We thank all our parents, providers and friends who have supported us on this journey and are excited for what is to come!

Marissa, Stephanie and Andrew

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