Sidewalk Talk with Rebecca Sinn Kelly

Rebecca Sinn Kelly knows parenting is about being clear headed. That's why she runs early, plans sweat dates and takes her son on ferry rides for the breezy journey, not to actually go anywhere. Wonder what snacks they pack? Read on...

Name: Rebecca Sinn Kelly

Occupation: Consultant at Google

Children: Jack (4)

What’s your favorite child-friendly brunch spot in your neighborhood?

In Brooklyn Heights, we love the ambience of Friend of a Farmer and the bread basket goes a long way.

What are your favorite playgrounds in your area?

Pierrepont for convenience, Chapin for the toy carcass land it provides, Brooklyn Bridge Park for the expansiveness.


What are your children's favorite activities?

Super Soccer Stars, ferry rides (we don’t even get off), Governer’s Island to see Lady Liberty, scooting on the promenade to the “spier” at the end, Architects & Engineers at NY Kids Club.

What foods are your little ones obsessed with?

Peach Fage Yogurt and Mango Lassi’s from Lessen & Hennigs.

What three things do you always pack for your child when you go on vacation?

At least one of the many Lightning McQueen’s we have, the many monkeys Jack likes to sleep with, and a Dr. Seuss book. I find that whatever age or developmental stage he’s at, there’s some new discovery made in those books.

What are you the most strict about when it comes to parenting?


Favorite quick child-friendly dinner recipe?

Oh, this is hard! We don’t see eye to eye on food, so I find I’m making different meals for different folks. For an easy dish, I do plain pasta for Jack and pasta with sauce and mushrooms for me. We both like baked sweet potatoes—Jack's with sausage or chicken and mine as part of a rice bowl with some veggies and sauce.

Who’s your biggest mom crush?

Jessica Alba

What’s your favorite way to unwind?

Sweat dates followed by rewarding meals, House of Cards and VEEP.

Best mom hack?

Waking up to go running so I can start my day with a clear head and positive attitude.

What does a day-in-the-life of you and your child look like?

Our day begins quite early because we usually get a visitor around 3am who then wakes up at 5:45/6am ready to play. We debate whether it's time to eat or time to play, then breakfast is made and we're off to school/work. When I get home, I play with Jack, followed by dinner and bath. Dad's usually home around then to read a book with Jack before bed. I read a second book with him, and usually go with "Dad went to move the car" to keep bedtime moving along. We close the day with "I love you to the moon and back. I love you infinity times infinity. And I love you even when we argue." It all begins again at 3am :)

My favorite rainy day activity is...

Staying in pj’s for longer than usual, pancakes with syrup, puzzles, games, building a fort and then watching a movie.


Favorite quote?

“When your children are teenagers, it's important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you.” –Nora Ephron

The funniest thing your child has said to you...

He’s in a very big phase of asking if things are “real”—like the animals at the zoo. He makes a point to say his stuffed animals are “not real.”

My favorite part about being a parent is...

Seeing the little things he does that replicate our own behavior. For example, I love how horribly he looks for lost toys or anything he puts down—exactly the same as his father. How could this have happened already?! Also, everyone new phase; I love watching him develop.

One thing you miss about your pre-parenting life...

Truthfully, being more selfish about my feelings. I used to feel like I could be sad or mad, but now I just have to move on. Sometimes, I just want it to be okay to have those feelings.

What do you do when your child goes to bed?

Watch tv, talk to my husband, online shop or search Pinterest.

Favorite bedtime book is...

Oh, I have so many favorites. I always love The Giving Tree.

How did you come up with your children’s names?

Jack Dawson is named after Jon’s uncle and grandfather who were both named Jack. My mother's father was David, so the "d" is from him.

One thing you'd tell your pre-parent self...

You haven’t experienced frustration or anxiety the way you will with a wild toddler :)

Ways you keep your cool as a parent...

Dance parties, music and lots of deep breathing.

Best tantrum tactic is...

Making him laugh somehow.

Favorite parenting reads...

Boomdash, Fatherly, and most local Facebook groups chatter.

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